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My Story

Hello fellow outdoorsy folks, and welcome to my little slice of nature in the online world. My name is Julie Wehbe and I'm from Ottawa, Canada. Mama of 2 little wildlings, wife and nature enthusiast at heart, I launched this company with the giant vision of re-connecting humanity to its true nature.

When we fully recognize that we exist in relationship with nature, and not separate from nature, the way we interact with it changes dramatically. We appreciate it. We value it. We see just how magical it is that we are but a piece of this massively complex and inter-connected ecosystem of life. My hope is that this work inspires you to get outside, find beauty and joy in your experiences with nature, and remember just how connected we all are.

All philosophy aside, I am always up for a good design project, have a background in IT, and will jump on any opportunity to adventure in the outdoors. This platform is a combination of all of my passions and I cannot be more excited to share it with the world. I am driven by my desire to reconnect as many people to the outdoors as possible, with an extra soft spot for bringing nature back into the lives of our children.

Vie de Montagne brings to life products that add a little nature love into your home and everyday life, and most importantly: helps fund organizations that support my big vision of connecting humanity with nature.

I hope you'll join me on this trek.


Julie Wehbe


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